Western Engineering manufacturers a complete range of hygienic Mixtec mixers and agitators specifically designed for the dairy industry. Based on 20 + years of experience supplying mixers for dairy applications they have developed design and performance standards specifically for this industry.

Side Entry Mixers and Agitators for large storage tanks, or silos, providing gentle tank turnover rates to maintain the homogeneity of the product and prevent settling of any solids content. Models available for silos from 10m3 to 500m3 for all dairy products from raw milk through cream to infant formula and everything in between.

Larger side entry agitators also available for very large storage tanks of trade waste water, effluent and products such as PROLIQ.

Top Entry Mixers and Agitators  for blending a wide variety of products in tanks. Typical applications include supersaturated brine solution for butter manufacture, caseinate reaction vessels, hydrolysis, vitamin and mineral mixing, crystallisers, lecithin oil, yoghurt maturation and fermentation vessels, etc.

High Speed Dispersers for dissolving difficult to dissolve products and floating powders. Typical applications include the addition of gum like products, reconstituting milk powders and sweetened condensed milk.

Emulsifiers and Emulsifying Pumps provide higher shear than HSD’s. Typical applications include reconstitution of milk powders, gums and adding salt in-line with an emulsifying pump.

Anchor or Gate Mixers used for mixing high viscosity products at low speed, they provide good movement at the tank wall giving excellent heat transfer in heating or cooling applications. Typical applications include yoghurt pack out, concentrate storage and cream cheese manufacture and storage.

Instamix Static Mixers for pipeline blending and mixing with no moving parts. Typical applications include flavour addition for yoghurt and chemical addition to trade waste water.

Flash Mixers for pipeline blending and mixing with dynamic impeller(s) in the pipeline, can mix products of differing viscosity better than a static mixer and have minimal pressure drop. Typical applications include butter conditioning and flavour addition for yoghurt.

Ribbon Blenders provide rapid blending of dry powders and granular products. Typical applications include infant formula and milk powder blending.

Zeta GmbH Magnetic Drive Mixers top and bottom entry mixers for hygienic applications with no tank penetration.