Water Treatment & Waste Water Treatment

Western Engineering manufacturers a complete range of Mixtec mixers and agitators for the WT & WWT industry. Based on 20 + years of experience they understand the requirements and have multiple references in industrial and municipal treatment plants around New Zealand.

Mixtec mixers are listed in the ACC Watercare Material Supply Standard version 1.5 under section 15 – Miscelaneous Accepted Products listing # 23 for dynamic mixers and listing # 24 for static mixers.

Top Entry Mixers and Agitators for mixing and blending a wide variety of products in tanks. Typical applications include chemical and polymer make up and storage, lime slurry, flocculation, calamity tank mixing, carbon mixers, and high solids sludge suspension including DAF & WAS.

Side Entry Mixers and Agitators for large storage tanks providing sufficient tank turnover rates to maintain a homogeneous solution and prevent settling of any solids content. Typical applications include trade waste, effluent tanks, and DAF & WAS tanks.

Instamix Static Mixers for pipeline blending and mixing with no moving parts. Typical applications include chemical additions for potable water and waste water applications, and blending 2 liquid streams together.

Wafer type Static Mixers are an alternative to the Instamix range of static mixers. They consist of a short standard pipe section with a wafer type element to induce turbulence in the pipeline. Typically used for chemical addition in potable & wastewater treatment applications.

Flash Mixers are dynamic mixers running high speed impellers inside a pipeline to create a highly turbulent zone. They can also be used to blend in an influent channel, eg. Lime slurry. Typically used where there is a space limitation for an Instamix static mixer or when the secondary flow is of very different viscosity.