Western Engineering manufacturers a complete range of Mixtec mixers and agitators for the roading industry. Based on 20 + years of experience they understand the requirements and have proven solutions available.

Top Entry Mixers and Agitators for blending of products in tanks. Typically used for bitumen storage, manufacturing and storage of polymer modified bitumen, epoxy bitumen and emulsions.

Side Entry Mixers and Agitators for large storage tanks providing tank turnover rates sufficient to maintain the homogeneity of the product and prevent settling of any solids content. Typically used for storage of bitumen and emulsions.

Emulsifiers and Emulsifying Pumps provide higher shear mixing. Typically used for rubber addition to bitumem.

Instamix Static Mixers for pipeline blending and mixing with no moving parts. Typical applications include chemical additions prior to load out and blending 2 bitumen streams.